New Review of the Sony FDR AX100

New Review of the Sony FDR AX100

There are full-sized camcorders out there, and they are great really except that giants (even medium-sized ones) lack the portability and versatility of midgets. But a tiny camcorder usually means small in size and short in features, right? Right, for the most part, but the Sony’s 4K Video Camera Recorder is an exception. It is light, convenient and dynamic to use without compromising video quality.

We’ve featured this palm-sized camcorder in the past months, but we simply can’t get enough of it. We thought you might want to read more about this tiny yet full-featured camcorder, so here again is an updated FDR AX100 review.

Size and Weight

The FDR AX100 is “David” that beats “Goliath” in the world of camcorders. A promising video equipment that allows you to single-handedly create on-the-go, spontaneous videos. It fits seamlessly into the palm of your hand and operates effortlessly, leaving you with one hand free to multitask or simply rest.

Weighing just around 790 grams without battery and 870 grams with battery, this handy-dandy device won’t strain your hand despite recording. The FDR AX100 proves that size and weight don’t matter as much as performance does. It’s a practical for tourists, travel journalists and even aspiring young filmmakers.

Product Highlights

There’s no question about the portability of the FDR AX100, but what about the quality of video output. Amazingly the sheer size and weight of the 4K Video Camera Recorder do not hinder it from meeting the demands of many video recording enthusiasts today.

As you can see in most, if not all, Sony FDR AX100 reviews, the device offers output of up to four times the image quality of full high definition. A regular 64GB SD card provides you with more than two hours of 4K video. It’s equipped for casual recording, too, shooting up to 14 hours of 1080 HD video quality or lower stored in the same 64GB data storage.

Unlike rival products with a three-chip design, the FDR AX100 uses only a single 1-inch Exmor R back-illuminated CMOS sensor with a maximum capacity of 20.9 megapixels. The lens is a Zeiss Vario Sonnar T* design that offers up to 12x optical zoom in 35mm topped at f/2.8 aperture. The lens can handle up to 18x zoom in HD mode, 12x zoom in 4K, and 24x in clear image. However, based on most Sony FDR AX100 reviews, maxing out to the manufacturer’s claim of 160x extended zoom capability would greatly compromise quality.

The FDR AX100 records in XAVC S, AVCHD and MP4 formats at a speed of 120 frames per second, and aids the user with its built-in optical image stabilization feature. To make it more travel-friendly, it features wireless connectivity to match other Wi-Fi ready devices such as smartphones, wireless video players, laptops and tablets.

Product Lows

What’s a good Sony FDR AX100 review without naming the product’s imperfections? This palm-size, full-featured device has its share of flaws. First off, it may not perform the way the big ones do on a full-scale, professional recording job. It definitely is not the greatest in the market today, but it provides a good balance between portability and quality output.

Second, its main control ring is not as precise as most shooters would want. The FDR AX100 has two control rings – a big one near the front of the camera and a small one just beside the big one. The sensor systems of the big control ring fails to zoom or fine focus immediately upon execution, a huge let down for sudden shots.

There are also issues with the camcorder’s display screens. According to a popular third-party FDR AX100 review, its LCD easily gets washed out over prolonged sun exposure, not to mention displaying complex data info. Finally, its touchscreen’s unresponsiveness defeats the purpose of it being there at all.

Still overall, the Sony FDR AX100 is a is a great pick for anyone looking for a video recording device that is as portable and convenient to use as the latest smartphone, but definitely delivers amazing video quality that usually only Godzilla camcorders can.

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If you need to cherish those beautiful moments, having a good camcorder will be on your best interest, camcorders are an awesome way to cherish those moments you think they have passed once again. You can pick up your camcorders and watch those moments you shot once again directly from the camcorders itself or you can watch them with the help of you computers and accessories, either way camcorder is an awesome and important equipment to own.

Beside using camcorders for taking care of those moments you want to remember, you can also use them to make an extra income or full time income; be it as a student who needs to make extra pocket money to support his studies, or as a father who needs more cash to provide for himself and his family, owning a camcorder provides an avenue to venture out and explore other ways you can make more money. Camcorder is also a major investment for those who are into full time film production; without camcorders this people will not have any job.

Now you owned a camera, you must have realized that cameras are very expensive, they don’t come cheap to say the least; their bodies and other accessories including the lenses are very sensitive and thereby require an adequate care to maintain them working perfectly well and be able to last very long.

Some simple care tips can help you to take care of your camera:

Camcorders are powered by either standalone batteries or require direct electricity to use them. If your camera requires battery to operate them as most camcorders do; make sure to look for batteries that will be compatible with your camcorders, these batteries are manufactured by a different company and therefore you cannot guarantee whether they will size your computer or not, check beforehand before put in your order, also check your battery specification before replacing them. It is important you know that batteries are subject to corrosion if they are left unused in your camera for too long. So if you are planning to put your camera into shelf, make sure to remove the batteries first.

Treat your camera with a bag, Cameras are very delicate piece. Carrying camera around without their bags can subject it to some extreme conditions that are bound to destroy the camera, it can get scratched very easily, the lens can got broken, even dust can enter into delicate parts of it—- there is a reason why camera manufacturers made camera bag, use it to protect your bag and give it a long lasting life.

Camera’s LCD screen is the most sensitive part of the camera, they are equivalent to human eyes and you cannot treat your eyes anyhow you want. They require extra care than other part of your camera, using cheap glass cleaning products may destroy your camera. Find camera store near to

you and request for camera cleaning kits that have liquid solutions, brushes and microfiber clothes that are made specially for cleaning camera lends. Use the microfiber cloth to get rid of fingerprints or messy smudges on your camera LCD.

Do you need to swap your camera lenses, change the memory card or remove cables? —- Make sure to turn your camera off before engaging in one of these aforementioned functions. Leaving your camera on when changing memory card can lead to corruption of your card especially if the camera is actively writing to the memory card, there are chances of your camera sensors being infected with dust if you are swapping lenses with the camera on. Turn your camera off to save the battery life and avoid buying new batteries every week.

Keep your battery off water, ice, dust and bad weather— Cameras as we know it nowadays are delicate equipment made up of electrical circuits and other components that are averse to water and extreme weather conditions. Camera just like your phone and other electrical equipments will get damaged if they are soaked into water. So make sure to avoid water entering your camera as you go on your beach ride.

Avoid exposing your camera lenses to direct sun light, just like the sun is not good for your eyes, so is you camera, don’t expose them to direct sun light or you will end up destroying them. Camera lenses don’t come cheap, replacing them will cost you lot of money and maybe time.

Finally, if you are planning to enter film production, your camcorder is your priciest asset, so taking care of them should be one of your top priorities.

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Film Production: How To Make Great Film On Low Budget

Making a great movie actually requires you to spend lot of money, if you are planning to make your step into Hollywood as a producer then you must save up a lot because film production is a serious stuff, however, since you are reading this article; chances that are you want to make a good movie on low budget and that’s what this article is going to teach you; how you can get the resources and the planning you need to make your first movie.

Making movie on a shoestring budget will not get you anything like the “Terminator” or “The Expendables”—- you know what I mean, you can’t make a Hollywood blockbuster on a shoestring budget, but with right guidance and good planning, you can be on your way to make a movie you can be proud of; A movie that can showcase you as a talented producer.

Here are some things you need to know on how to make a great film on low budget


Making a movie can be quite a difficult task and as such it needs meticulous planning in order to produce a good work. Given that you don’t have enough fund therefore there should be no room for an error due to lack of planning, as a director of your own movie, planning helps you out to make an effective decision. To make a good plan, write down your ideas of your film, organize it, write how you plan to achieve them and the money to spend on each project— An effective planning will ease your film making process.

Find A Good Writer

Your scripts is what makes the difference between a good movie and a bad one, find a good writer who charges low fee to write your scripts. This can be a very challenging task given that most good writers charges really high, but trying out good writers in early years of their career can help you cut cost.


Well you can’t make a film without a good camera, however good cameras are hard to find especially when you are on a low budget. You can hire the camera you need from a good studio; most studios will allow you to hire their camera for a small token. Another option for a good camera/camcorder is to look for a cheap one; Panasonic HX-WA10 can be a good camera with low fee you can begin with. Even if you are going for a good camera, remember not to waste all

your money on camera, there are still things you need to take care of. You probably don’t require an ultra high definition camera unless you are a serious professional filmmaker.


Now getting people to feature in your film will be another uphill task as most established professionals will likely request huge pay to compensate for their time and talent, to cut cost in choosing your cast; find new talents that are eager to showcase what they got, they will probably not demand for money as they will be doing it for the experience and for reference purposes. Another way to overcome paying too much for cast is tapping talents from the list of your friends; they will probably be much happy to it for free.


This is one of the facts you bear in mind in your planning stage, considering that you are on budget, you will need to look out for scripts with realistic settings like parks, and other places nearby; places that you can actually afford.

Editing `

Editing of the movie to make it perfect usually requires some type of skills, but of course you can do it on your own, there are software’s that you can buy over internet which you can use to give your movie a professional edge. You can train yourself to use this software with training videos you can easily download from YouTube for free. If you don’t need the hassles of learning the skill, you can hire a freshly university graduate with the skills for your editing or look for editors at freelancing sites.

Some great movies have been shot on a great budget, if the planning and concept is good, you won’t even know it is done on shoestring budget. To make a great film just requires adequate planning with good camcorder and talented cast.

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